Start++ 0.7.5

Add new functionality to Vista start menu


  • Improves Start menu functionality
  • Nicely embedded


  • Sometimes it needs a restart
  • Installing new gadgets is confusing


One of the most eye-catching features in Vista is its all-new Start menu with an embedded search function, which enables you to quickly find and open programs or files.

Start++ goes a little beyond and takes advantage of this functionality, creating new useful features that are seamlessly integrated into Vista's Start menu.

I must say I had some stability issues when testing this app, but nothing that could be easily solved by restarting it. Besides the included gadgets and startlets, you can download more from the author's website, although it's not clear how to install them.

Start++ is an enhancement for the Start Menu in Windows Vista. It also extends the Run box and the command-line with customizable commands. For example, typing "w Windows Vista" will take you to the Windows Vista page on Wikipedia!



Start++ 0.7.5

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